Covid-19 Plus Trick or Treating?

Halloween and Covid-19

It is going to be interesting to see how many children will be trick-or-treating this year.

When we were small, my little brother and I took off down the streets of our neighborhood with our plastic jack-o-lantern buckets swinging. We raced around and up and down ALONE…no parents with us (this was before razor blades started showing up in the trick or treat apples in the 1960’s. Yes, people put apples AND rocks in trick or treat bags back then, no joke).

Chip and I would come home with popcorn balls and homemade Rice Krispy treats wrapped in cellophane buried along with the rest of the gazillion wrapped candies. We didn’t worry about getting germs or our neighbors being evil until razor-bladed apples, that is. 

What a different world it is today…especially with Covid-19.

Our plans for this year are to have a backyard get-together with a CANDY HUNT for the grandkids. Our entire family is still doing our best to family-isolate and we all wear masks everywhere we go. My 86 year old momma lives with us and we are trying to protect her at all costs! This will be a lot of fun and safer than going to public gatherings. My daughter, Mish, puts on a mean party hat.

What are your plans for this year? Are you planning a family party? PLEASE BE SAFE whatever you plan to do : D. 

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