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Covid-19 Plus Trick or Treating?

Halloween and Covid-19 It is going to be interesting to see how many children will be trick-or-treating this year. When we were small, my little brother and I took off down the streets of our neighborhood with our plastic jack-o-lantern buckets swinging. We raced around and up and down ALONE…no parents with us (this was before razor blades started showing […]

Wick & Jane Box

Wick & Jane Candles have asked us to create a special product to include in their SOMETHING WICK(ed) BOX that will ship out very soon. We decided to use the Alfred Hitchcock’s film THE BIRDS as inspiration for a very unique notepad. Be sure to go to their site if you would like to purchase […]


We are happy to announce the addition of candles to MiddleEarthware. We are starting with THE SHIRE candle created by the lovely Jane of Wick & Jane Candles. She creates “bookish” candles with beautiful labels and incredible scents. The Shire wax smells like fresh grass and is bright green with a wooden wick.